Predicting the Stage for 2012 Wedding Trends

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You’re engaged!!  Congratulations!!  Now the work begins…

Every little girl dreams of her picture perfect wedding, and Wedding Guide Alaska is here for you to make your dream come true.  We’ve said good bye to 2011′s Vintage & Rustic Chic Weddings and the stage is now being set for 2012′s scene: Vintage Elegance: Think OLD HOLLYWOOD & the Royal Wedding (Kate continues to stun us with her simple, traditional, & elegant style!) with the flair of bold & bright colors.

Here are a few of the trends that Wedding Guide Alaska is ‘predicting’ we’ll see in this year’s wedding forte…

2012 Wedding Trend #1:  Old Hollywood Glamour (with flair in bold & bright colors!)

We’re talking old-style elegance paired with bold, bright colors to really enhance the individuality with the sophistication of Old Hollywood.  Be your own person, but make it memorable with a splash of color & uniqueness.

Photo from Wedding Chics Blog

2012 Wedding Trend #2:  Golds, Nudes, Black & White

From cakes to tuxedos, WGA expects to see what sophisticated elegance & class is all about.  Golds, nudes, and black & white affairs are making a comeback and are hard hitters this year in the wedding industry.  What’s your fancy?

Photo from Wedding Chicks Blog

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Powell, A Thousand Words Photography


2012 Wedding Trend #3:  Keep it Alaskan with the Gorgeous Outdoors

In Alaska we live for the summer.  Make the most of the long daylight hours & incredible scenery to re-create that dreamed-about moment in your vision of a perfect wedding day.  Need a suggestion for outdoor & quaint glamour & exquisiteness:  Alaska Heavenly Lodge & Bayshore Clubhouse

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Anthony

2012 Wedding Trend #4:  Classy & Traditional Necklines

Sugar & spice & everything nice…Illusion necklines are taking wedding dress designs by storm.  Plunging necklines covered by lace & sheer fabrics are making a comeback.  The illusion neckline is startlingly feminine, with a vintage vibe that has us loving the simple sophistication & innocence previously associated with the ‘white’ of the traditional wedding gown.

Photo from

2012 Wedding Trend #5:  The 1920′s Never Died

In fact, when you think of class, sophistication, & elegance, few styles are as remembered as the 1920′s.  Women knew how to dress their body type to perfection & men wore slacks & button ups to work and suits & tux’s on dates.  This era is remembered with the fondness of gentile society.  Frankly darlin’, they gave a damn.

Photo from Our Labor of Love

2012 Wedding Trend #6:  Going Green

Alaska is coming into the “Green”.  We are now able to recycle and support our environment in all sorts of ways.  How about your invitations?  THINK: Wood, recycled paper, & reused twine.  THINK, The Chocolate Lily (locally owned Alaskan company).  Seriously, as Kathryn, from The Chocolate Lily, states, “Invitations are your guests’ very first impression of your wedding.”  Don’t disappoint your guests with a cheap emailed or generic invitation.  Pair it with the real thing.  Whether you make your own or have someone design your invites, your first impression can easily be made using environmentally friendly products.

Photo courtesy of The Chocolate Lily


Wedding Guide Alaska has chosen a few of our favorite things ‘coming out’ in the 2012 wedding season.  Are you looking for a specific type of wedding vendor or how to plan your wedding DIY-style?  Then you must do yourself the favor of becoming interested in this: (event limited to a specific attendance, so sign up & secure your spot today!)

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