“Do We Really Need It?” ~ Choosing Reception Entertainment in Alaska ~

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Of all the things a bride budgets and plans for, many don’t even consider a DJ.  Now, a fabulous party is exactly what a bride wants, but often seeking a professional’s advice is pushed to the wayside.  Is there a good reason why you should hire a professional DJ?

Biggest Reasons a Bride Doesn’t Hire a Professional DJ:

  • “I’m a DIY bride and I cannot afford to hire a professional DJ”
  • “Good parties just happen”
  • “A DJ will take over my wedding reception”


These are valid concerns, however, one of Wedding Guide Alaska‘s favorite DJ’s, Martin of Alaska Professional Entertainment, has a statistic for you:78% of Brides have regrets regarding their choice to not include professional entertainment at their reception within one week of their wedding.

Here’s another: 81% of wedding guests say they remember the entertainment at the reception the most.  (check out page 145 of the Alaska Wedding Workbook)

WGA‘s goal is to help you make an educated decision regarding your reception entertainment, so click here to read our very own Alaskan Bride-to-Be’s decision to hire a professional DJ.

After making a decision, you need recommendations!  Here are Wedding Guide Alaska‘s suggestions for local, professional entertainment:

R APEAK HarpSkookumsAK

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