An Alaskan Wedding Of Our Own!

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In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Wedding Guide Alaska, well, we LOVE weddings! Oh the joy we get from the big dresses, endless color combos, gorgeous bouquets, fantastic cakes, and everything everything everything weddings! It is our absolute pleasure to help Alaskan brides plan their day to perfection. Really, it’s the best job ever!

So you can imagine how ecstatic we are that our very own Project Manager/Marketing Specialist, Sara Gaines, is engaged! And you know what that means? Move over Sara–we’ve got this one! As far as we’re concerned, she doesn’t have much of a say in her wedding plans! Of course we’re teasing, but we are very happy that Sara is going to let us be involved in the entire planning process, and it will be featured right here on this blog.

This wedding may be a bit of a challenge, and a bit stressful because we only have three months to plan, but we are sure with all of our heads together, it’s going to be amazing! Congratulations Sara and Jon and happy planning!!!

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