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Predicting the Stage for 2012 Wedding Trends

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You’re engaged!!  Congratulations!!  Now the work begins…

Every little girl dreams of her picture perfect wedding, and Wedding Guide Alaska is here for you to make your dream come true.  We’ve said good bye to 2011′s Vintage & Rustic Chic Weddings and the stage is now being set for 2012′s scene: Vintage Elegance: Think OLD HOLLYWOOD & the Royal Wedding (Kate continues to stun us with her simple, traditional, & elegant style!) with the flair of bold & bright colors.

Here are a few of the trends that Wedding Guide Alaska is ‘predicting’ we’ll see in this year’s wedding forte…

2012 Wedding Trend #1:  Old Hollywood Glamour (with flair in bold & bright colors!)

We’re talking old-style elegance paired with bold, bright colors to really enhance the individuality with the sophistication of Old Hollywood.  Be your own person, but make it memorable with a splash of color & uniqueness.

Photo from Wedding Chics Blog

2012 Wedding Trend #2:  Golds, Nudes, Black & White

From cakes to tuxedos, WGA expects to see what sophisticated elegance & class is all about.  Golds, nudes, and black & white affairs are making a comeback and are hard hitters this year in the wedding industry.  What’s your fancy?

Photo from Wedding Chicks Blog

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Powell, A Thousand Words Photography


2012 Wedding Trend #3:  Keep it Alaskan with the Gorgeous Outdoors

In Alaska we live for the summer.  Make the most of the long daylight hours & incredible scenery to re-create that dreamed-about moment in your vision of a perfect wedding day.  Need a suggestion for outdoor & quaint glamour & exquisiteness:  Alaska Heavenly Lodge & Bayshore Clubhouse

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Anthony

2012 Wedding Trend #4:  Classy & Traditional Necklines

Sugar & spice & everything nice…Illusion necklines are taking wedding dress designs by storm.  Plunging necklines covered by lace & sheer fabrics are making a comeback.  The illusion neckline is startlingly feminine, with a vintage vibe that has us loving the simple sophistication & innocence previously associated with the ‘white’ of the traditional wedding gown.

Photo from

2012 Wedding Trend #5:  The 1920′s Never Died

In fact, when you think of class, sophistication, & elegance, few styles are as remembered as the 1920′s.  Women knew how to dress their body type to perfection & men wore slacks & button ups to work and suits & tux’s on dates.  This era is remembered with the fondness of gentile society.  Frankly darlin’, they gave a damn.

Photo from Our Labor of Love

2012 Wedding Trend #6:  Going Green

Alaska is coming into the “Green”.  We are now able to recycle and support our environment in all sorts of ways.  How about your invitations?  THINK: Wood, recycled paper, & reused twine.  THINK, The Chocolate Lily (locally owned Alaskan company).  Seriously, as Kathryn, from The Chocolate Lily, states, “Invitations are your guests’ very first impression of your wedding.”  Don’t disappoint your guests with a cheap emailed or generic invitation.  Pair it with the real thing.  Whether you make your own or have someone design your invites, your first impression can easily be made using environmentally friendly products.

Photo courtesy of The Chocolate Lily


Wedding Guide Alaska has chosen a few of our favorite things ‘coming out’ in the 2012 wedding season.  Are you looking for a specific type of wedding vendor or how to plan your wedding DIY-style?  Then you must do yourself the favor of becoming interested in this: (event limited to a specific attendance, so sign up & secure your spot today!)

2012 Pink Champagne & Ice Bridal Show & Workshop

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We’re in the middle of engagement season & WGA is ready to give our Brides all we’ve got!  Register now for the Early Bride Rate!!
Check out our commercial on KTUU!!

Wedding Guide Alaska understands how much work is involved in planning even the simplest of wedding ceremonies & receptions.  On Sunday, February 19, 2012, from 10:30am-4:30pm, Wedding Guide Alaska, at the Dimond Center (2nd Floor, old library space), will help you begin, or continue, your journey by presenting Brides with a practical and beautiful Bridal Workshop covering every aspect of wedding planning, from your engagement through your honeymoon, in-style & without the chaos & stress!  With the help of local Alaskan wedding professionals, WGA will guide Brides effortlessly through the barrage of industry information to what truly matters when planning a wedding: YOUR PERFECT DREAM-COME-TRUE WEDDING!!

Register Now!!

Mark your calendar & REGISTER NOW for the early VIB (Very Important Bride) special rate for the 2012 Pink Champagne & Ice Bridal Workshop & Expo.  Only a limited number will be accepted for the Workshop & Expo.  Want more DETAILS??

Busy, Busy ~ Seven Years in Alaska & Running Strong

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Wedding Guide Alaska had a very busy October, with the High Tea Wedding Event of the Year at Millennium Hotel Anchorage and the Wedding Expo ’11 at O’Malley’s!   We had such a fun time with all you Brides-to-Be (& Grooms-to-Be!) and our favorite wedding professionals.  PLUS, Wedding Guide Alaska’s very own Sara Swanson was “Judge Sara” for the Cake Challenge at O’Malley’s.  Good thing we love cake!

Wedding Guide Alaska is also proud to be starting our 7th year in Alaska (just wait till our 10 year…PARTY!)!  We have been blessed to work with the best of the best in Alaska’s wedding industry and are looking forward to continued success and relationships within the community!  We are also in the process of updating our Alaska Wedding Workbook, to be published in January.  If you’re a wedding professional, make sure to give your company the most you’re signed up with Alaska’s #1 online wedding resource!

Forget Your Phone & Manage Day-Of Stress

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Your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding will last in your and your guests’ memories forever.  Don’t spoil the fun by answering your phone throughout the whole day.  Not only will it add stress, but it will interrupt conversations, interfere with pictures, and make you regret the invention of the cellular phone.

Wedding Guide Alaska‘s suggestion is to keep it simple and decrease your stress by turning your phone OFF or handing it to a designated person who knows what’s going on.  That way it’s out of your sight and out of your mind!  It’s your turn to enjoy all the hard work you’ve put into planning your wedding!
Want another suggestion?  Hire a wedding planner to take care of all your Day-Of details.  This is the best way to take the stress out of your life for a few hours on your wedding day.  Wedding planners are able to jump right into the middle of the chaos and keep you focused on having fun.  Click here for our recommended Alaska wedding planners

Want more anxiety relief for your Big Day?  Check out Wedding Guide Alaska‘s Stress-Free Essentials Checklist and these local Alaskan wedding professionals.

WGA’s Stress-Free Wedding Essentials Checklist

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Photo Courtesy of Cody Swanson

Your wedding day should be as stress free as possible.  You don’t want to wonder when your event designer, florist, or caterer is going to show up.  Make sure to connect with all your vendors one to three weeks prior to your wedding to set out the specifics.  Then RECORD the details in your wedding workbook and merely flip to the correct section for your answers and to feel the peace of being in the know.

Making an appointment doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have to meet up with a vendor.  A phone call and chat with the correct person will suffice in many instances!  Below is Wedding Guide Alaska‘s Essentials Checklist for final “meetings” with your vendors.

Three Weeks Prior

Confirm Final Measurements:

**Make sure you have applied for your Marriage License at the Department of Vital Statistics office.

Two Weeks Prior

**Make sure you have picked up your marriage license at the Department of Vital Statistics office.

One Week Prior

Final consultations with:

Using the this checklist and delegating tasks to those helping plan your wedding will help your Big Day turn out beautifully with less anxiety and better memories!  Check out this week’s local e-Newsletter!

Local Alaskan Bridal Trends ’11: Engagement Parties!

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If you have checked out Wedding Guide Alaska’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, you already know that Wedding Guide Alaska is featuring a local Alaskan couple, Jonathan & Sara.   So before we get into Wedding Guide Alaska‘s favorite new trend, we just HAVE to tell you about Vanessa

Wedding Guide Alaska loves a beautiful couple’s engagement photo shoot, but there comes a time when you just have to recognize that the photographer is phenomenal!  Jon & Sara’s engagement session with Vanessa Powell of A Thousand Words Photography absolutely proved this.  We just can’t rave enough about how incredible Vanessa’s work is, how much fun she is to be around, and the extreme talent that her photography boasts.  If you have never heard of Vanessa Powell, you truly won’t want to miss out on seeing her artistic flare, whether you are interested in wedding photography, family photos, event photography, or graduation pictures!  Click here to see her fabulous blog…

We are also in love with Alaska’s latest “Engagement Party” trend!  A local floral and event design studio, Works of Art Flowers, has already participated in two local, Alaskan engagement parties in the last month alone!  What does that say for Alaska?  Brides-to-Be need ideas for their engagement party and Wedding Guide Alaska is here to provide just that!!  Check out the details from Jon & Sara’s Engagement Party below ~


Wedding Date: June 11, 2011
Engagement Party: May 15, 2011

The Engagement Party!

Design: Wedding Guide Alaska; Theme: Vintage-Glam; Colors: fuchsia, chartreuse, black, white, damask accents.
Venue: Bayshore Clubhouse
Photographer: Vanessa Powell, A Thousand Words Photography
Flowers: Works of Art Flowers
Cake (Cupcakes!): Cupcake Delight (flavors: chocolate mocha with fudge filling & lemon coconut with lemon curd filling)
DJ: David Brown, Peak Entertainment
Guest Entertainment~PHOTOBOOTH: Alaska Photobooth Company

The engagement party turned out beautifully!  Here are a few ideas for YOUR party details…

The best guestbook ever! Photo by Vanessa Powell.

Looking for more local Alaskan wedding and engagement ideas??  Check back on Wedding Guide Alaska‘s wedding, engagement, and favorite local Do-It-Yourself blog every week (and email me!)!

“Do We Really Need It?” ~ Choosing Reception Entertainment in Alaska ~

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Of all the things a bride budgets and plans for, many don’t even consider a DJ.  Now, a fabulous party is exactly what a bride wants, but often seeking a professional’s advice is pushed to the wayside.  Is there a good reason why you should hire a professional DJ?

Biggest Reasons a Bride Doesn’t Hire a Professional DJ:

  • “I’m a DIY bride and I cannot afford to hire a professional DJ”
  • “Good parties just happen”
  • “A DJ will take over my wedding reception”


These are valid concerns, however, one of Wedding Guide Alaska‘s favorite DJ’s, Martin of Alaska Professional Entertainment, has a statistic for you:78% of Brides have regrets regarding their choice to not include professional entertainment at their reception within one week of their wedding.

Here’s another: 81% of wedding guests say they remember the entertainment at the reception the most.  (check out page 145 of the Alaska Wedding Workbook)

WGA‘s goal is to help you make an educated decision regarding your reception entertainment, so click here to read our very own Alaskan Bride-to-Be’s decision to hire a professional DJ.

After making a decision, you need recommendations!  Here are Wedding Guide Alaska‘s suggestions for local, professional entertainment:

R APEAK HarpSkookumsAK

Best-of-the-Best Alaska ~ Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC

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As summer approaches and wedding plans continue to fall into place, Wedding Guide Alaska is again here to help!  This time we want to show you how you can make your wedding day perfect…beginning with your summer wedding catering!

Our focus for this topic is to help you create a menu to suit your wedding theme as well as your budget.  Here are a few of our recommendations:

1)  Consult your budget.  The more options you offer your guests, the more expensive your reception catering will be.  If your budget is tight, you might consider a cocktail reception, afternoon tea, or dessert reception.

2)  Talk to your caterer.  Are there particular dishes your caterer is known for or could recommend?  Don’t forget to let your caterer know what your budget is so that they can help you create a custom and affordable menu.  If you’re catering your own wedding (please note that Wedding Guide Alaska strongly recommends you consider the level of stress catering your own wedding will add to your wedding day), stick with crowd-pleasing recipes.

3)  Time of your reception.  First things first…decide the time of year you will be married.  This will help you determine the time of your reception, especially in Alaska.  For example, a summer meal should start earlier in the day than a winter reception.  Also, winter wedding dinners are typically more formal than summer dinners.

Keep your budget while you get the best of Alaska’s caterers, Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC, one of Wedding Guide Alaska‘s top picks for catering.  AE&CLLC is a perfect choice for local seafood, produce, unique presentation, eclectic style, innovative menus, and catering throughout Alaska. Plus, Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC has a special Wedding Workbook offer for Alaska’s Brides-To-Be!

Also, you won’t want to forget to ask the most important questions of your caterer (as well as a worksheet to write the answers and your menus).  Check out page 65 of your Alaska Wedding Workbook, or email me for a free .pdf version of the “Top 10 Questions to Ask Wedding Caterers”.  Cheers!

~ Photographs courtesy of Nathaniel Wilder Photography.

Engagement Party Plans Are A Movin’ Along ~ Choosing a DJ

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You know, of all the things I’ve budgeted and planned for, I’m one of those brides who honestly didn’t think much about a DJ.  Now, I know I should have; I really should have since a couple of my favorite DJs in Alaska advertise right on the Wedding Guide Alaska website.  I am, however, not a wedding planner.  I am a DIY bride and I’m trying to cut corners with my budget.  Let me explain why I decided this aspect of our engagement party was important after my initial dismissal, and how I managed to stay within my budget while handing the music over to the professionals.

First of all, Jon and I are having a small wedding.  Even though it’s in Alaska, it’s a destination wedding being that it’s about two hours away from where we live.  Since we are having an invitation only wedding that is mostly family and a few close friends, we are going all out for an engagement party in Anchorage that is set up reception-style so everyone feels like they are a part of our lives.  We want to make sure that all our friends and family know how much we appreciate their support.  This is basically why Jon and I changed our minds on our guest entertainment.  We have decided to have a photobooth, dinner, dancing, cake (in the form of cupcakes!), and a themed party to make it more exciting and as much fun as possible for our guests.

Martin James of Alaska Professional Entertainment (aka APE) gave me a little insight on brides who did not focus on their wedding entertainment: 78% have regrets within one week of their wedding and 81% of wedding guests say they remember the entertainment at the reception the most (check out page 145 of the Alaska Wedding Workbook).  This greatly affected our idea that a good theme and food would be sufficient to please our guests.

Fortunately, Jon has a good friend that happens to be a professional DJ and works for Peak Entertainment.  After meeting with the company, we decided to purchase the Deluxe Package because of the price and all the little add-ins.  We are going to have a customized play list and “mood” lighting.  Our engagement party theme is vintage-glam, so our music will begin in the 1920′s upon arrival at the party and progress to current music by the time dancing is scheduled to begin.  In addition to the customized list, Peak Entertainment is setting up lighting that will encourage our guests to dance and not be intimidated by the fact that Alaska’s sunset will not be until much later in the evening.  No one likes to dance in daylight, so our dance floor lighting will provide the illusion of being after-dark.

So how did I save money?  That was the easy part!  Jon and I are helping our DJ by gathering together song lists for our engagement party to help him customize our play list.  We also chose a local DJ service that has a great reputation in the community and that is known to be a professional company.  As far as packages are concerned, we carefully scanned which package gave us the most of what we wanted for our buck.  We didn’t end up going with the most expensive package because we just didn’t need everything that came with it.  Also, we took into account the fact that we won’t have to bother with decor on the dance floor.  We were worried about that and were planning a piece of our budget around the fact that we needed to close off the dance floor to give it a better feel for dancing.  Peak is taking care of all that, and it’s INCLUDED in our package!

I’m quite confident that we will never regret adding the DJ into our budget and I really think our guests are going to LOVE it!  Hey, if you have any music suggestions, email me!

Dress Shopping Rule #1: Keep Your Friends Close

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Guess what?! I got my dress!

I have to admit that I’ve been rather moody lately.  So when my sister flew me down to Portland as a surprise to go wedding dress shopping, I was worried.  But the trip was a success!

What did I learn about buying a wedding dress?  It’s very complicated, but it can also be quite entertaining!  I thought I found a dress that in my mind “would do the job”.  It was pretty, flattering, but it lacked any “WOW” factor for me. I even put a down payment on it.  It was rather nice to go dress shopping again, however, knowing that if I didn’t find anything better, I still had a dress to use for my wedding.  Where did I go wrong?  I was nervous and I settled.

I mean, I’ve watched “Say Yes to the Dress.”  I know that you want to look gorgeous and the dress is one of your most difficult decisions.  But until I tried on my personal perfect wedding dress, I didn’t quite understand that it is extremely important that you find a dress that is exactly what you want…as a bride, your dress needs to “WOW” you!  When I was finally wearing my perfect dress, everyone in the room held their breath, including me.  I could only smile, mom cried, and my sister and friends just kept saying how beautiful it was…it was the one!

I used the worksheet on page 9 of my Alaska Wedding Workbook to help me choose  my wedding dress.  It was very helpful while we shopped because I was able to write down the designers I liked, the style of dress and details I wanted, as well as shoe and accessory ideas.  I especially found useful the “Tips to Remember” section next to the worksheet.  It gives you suggestions to make your shopping experience more successful, such as taking pictures of dresses you like, wearing nude colored undergarments, bringing people you trust along with you, and setting your budget BEFORE walking into the bridal shop.

Also, on page 7, there is a fabulous little section called “Dressing Your Body Type.” It’s an editorial that lists the different kind of styles that flatter a variety of female shapes.  It was super helpful because my instinct was to try on dresses that I thought were pretty but didn’t necessarily flatter me.

Here are a few of those “tips” I found very helpful while I was trying dresses on.  I only realized they’d be issues after beginning to fill out the worksheet in my book, but fortunately before we set out on my wedding dress excursion:

1) It’s okay if you’re a couple sizes bigger in a wedding dress than in your jeans.  Most women are!

2) A dress will very likely require tailoring to fit your shape perfectly.  The other wonderful thing is that a tailor is able to make any number of changes to your dress.  For instance, I’m having cap sleeves added to my dress because I prefer sleeves and it gives my dress a more vintage-y feel.

3) Make sure to keep your friends and family close.  This is a requirement!  You NEED people to honestly critique how the dress looks and if it matches your theme.  You want to look your best and if you feel beautiful, your pictures will be gorgeous and you will have a happy memory of your perfect dress at your fairy tale wedding!

We had a photographer snap a few shots of our adventure and I was SOO happy when I looked at the pictures after!  If you want to flip through a few, click here, but bear with us, Jon is NOT allowed to see the dress before June 11th, so there aren’t any pictures of my perfect dress!