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5 Money Saving Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by admin No Comments

What makes every wedding a bit more beautiful??  FLOWERS!

We love them, but how do we keep within our budget, especially in this great state of Alaska when many flowers have to be shipped in?  Wedding Guide Alaska has gathered 5 Money-Saving Tips for all you budget-conscious Brides & Grooms To Be while you are choosing your wedding flowers:

1)  Chat with Your Floral Designer.  Give your designer a general idea of the style and color scheme you want and which flowers you do NOT want.  Then allow flexibility so your designer is able to use flowers that are in season and less expensive – without forfeiting beauty and artistic design.  IDEA: If your heart is set on a specific flower that happens to be expensive during your wedding, try featuring the flower with just one or two per bouquet or centerpiece.  Accent the featured flower with more inexpensive flowers and greens!
 2) February is VERY Expensive Time To Buy Flowers. Prices are at an annual high due to Valentine’s Day and even the most inexpensive of flowers are costly.
3)  Place Expensive Flowers Where They Count.  Large stage arrangements will mostly only be seen from far away. Use inexpensive flowers such as carnations, or large filling flowers and greens.
4) Choose Your Venue Accordingly.  A venue located in a lush, beautiful park or garden will help to reduce the number of flowers needed to beautify your wedding ceremony and reception.

5) Have a Secondary Bouquet for the “Toss”.  Instead of tossing the expensive bridal bouquet, use a secondary arrangement so that you are able to keep yours longer and undamaged or bruised.

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