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I Have the Power!! To Organize Our DIY Alaskan Wedding ~

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In my last post I mentioned that we are putting our Wedding Workbook to good use.  It was a life-saver when Jon and I went to check out venues for our ceremony and for our engagement party.  Here’s why ~

I am a bit of a perfectionist.  I love organization.  Whenever I get too stressed, I begin cleaning and putting things away, getting rid of junk and organizing my desk, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…nothing is off limits to become orderly.  So, being a rather organized person myself, it would seem that I should be all put together, right?  Wrong…

When I begin interviews with vendors that I need to make my wedding perfect, I begin to stress and I forget half my questions.  Fortunately, the wedding workbook that Jon and I chose has all the questions written down and all I have to do is write the answers in the spaces given on the worksheet.  I won’t have to find my note pad(s) later and try to remember where I scribbled all my notes.  It’s truly brilliant!

I used the venues worksheets 1st because our whole wedding design depends on our venue.

We decided on a country-vintage wedding theme and Alaska Heavenly Lodge is our PERFECT small wedding ceremony and reception site.  We’ve also decided to forget the traditional idea of wedding colors.  Instead, we are keeping browns and neutrals dominant with splashes of color in flowers and decor.  I am wearing pearls with little diamonds for earrings and necklace and we’re encouraging everyone to dress to our theme.  I love the idea of a mis-matched vintage-y wedding that is all our own!

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Workin’, Workin’, Workin’ at Planning Our Wedding!

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This has been quite the adventurous year for me!  I’ve quit a 6-year job as a paralegal, moved up to Alaska, and now I’m engaged and planning a wedding, IN 3 MONTHS!!  June 11th is our date…just finished up contract negotiations today!  Jon and I are beyond thrilled to be having our wedding ceremony and reception on June 11th in Cooper’s Landing, at the Alaska Heavenly Lodge!  It’s the perfect spot for a gorgeous Alaskan, almost-summer wedding.  Katy and Brian are our newest favorite people.  They are SOOO awesome!!  Check out the Heavenly’s website! Here are a few pictures from a wedding held at Heavenly last year:

Jon and I have decided not to elope (my suggestion!) and have compromised on having a small wedding with just our close friends and family.  Because of that, Amber, owner of Wedding Guide Alaska, has been busy with Elizabeth, creative designer and rep for Wedding Guide Alaska, planning an engagement party in Anchorage on May 15th.  What’s the theme?  Peacock!  It is going to be fantastic!  They are setting it up wedding reception-style so that all our friends (Jon has lived in Anchorage his whole life) are able to come and celebrate with us!

After touring a few places in Anchorage, we decided to have the engagement party at the Bayshore Clubhouse.  We made this decision once we realized that the kitchen is huge, tables and chairs are included, we have deck access, can bring in our own alcohol and caterer, and the dance floor is already set up.  It’s a beautiful venue and Cherie is fabulous to work with!  Check out Bayshore Clubhouse…

I also just chatted with Coral Howe, owner of Alaska Photobooth Company, and guess what??!!  We’re having a photobooth at our engagement party!  I am THRILLED about this because it is the BEST entertainment and makes the perfect guest book!

We are also putting our Wedding Workbook to good use.  It was a life-saver when we went to check out venues for the ceremony and for the engagement party because I didn’t forget any of the questions I needed to ask and everything went more smoothly.  Plus, since I can write right in the Workbook, I don’t have to figure out where I scribbled my notes.  Makes for much less stress!

I am extremely happy that everything is working out so well!

An Alaskan Wedding Of Our Own!

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In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Wedding Guide Alaska, well, we LOVE weddings! Oh the joy we get from the big dresses, endless color combos, gorgeous bouquets, fantastic cakes, and everything everything everything weddings! It is our absolute pleasure to help Alaskan brides plan their day to perfection. Really, it’s the best job ever!

So you can imagine how ecstatic we are that our very own Project Manager/Marketing Specialist, Sara Gaines, is engaged! And you know what that means? Move over Sara–we’ve got this one! As far as we’re concerned, she doesn’t have much of a say in her wedding plans! Of course we’re teasing, but we are very happy that Sara is going to let us be involved in the entire planning process, and it will be featured right here on this blog.

This wedding may be a bit of a challenge, and a bit stressful because we only have three months to plan, but we are sure with all of our heads together, it’s going to be amazing! Congratulations Sara and Jon and happy planning!!!

Wedding Photography Advice: Remember What’s Most Important

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While some people skimp a little on their wedding photography, we at Wedding Guide Alaska believe this is one of the most important parts of your wedding to invest in. Cousin Betty’s blurry pictures with her thumb in the bottom left corner of 90 percent of them just don’t cut it for us. Alaska brides seem to care about this as much as we do. They understand that their wedding will be so overwhelming, there is no possible way they will be able recall all of the details. Quality photographers will capture memories in a way that you will feel the emotions wrapped around them you see them.

One piece of advice we hear time and time again from our favorite Alaska Wedding Photographers, is for a bride to write down ahead of time all the shots she wants in her wedding album. This way, a photographer has a list of those shots that aren’t to be missed, and things go much more smoothly when the big day arrives. What if you don’t know what kind of shots you want?  Wedding magazines, online blogs, or your own family photos can greatly assist you in deciding which shots are important, and which ones you can do without.

Photo courtesy of

Photographs that you spend more than three seconds looking at, or that make you laugh or cry, need to be on your list. If  a picture provokes any sort of emotion in you (when you don’t even know the people) they will that much more when it is your own wedding.  Also, are there old family photos that you may want to replicate, like say, a shot of Dad dipping Mom during their first dance? These photographs will look fabulous on the mantle, and can be great ways to carry on fun family traditions.

Most people who get married in Alaska take advantage of the incredible natural outdoor beauty for their engagement and wedding photographs. We find that using manmade architechture as a backdrop to some of your pictures, in combination with the existing natural beauty, can make them a little more eclectic and varietial. Perhaps your venue has some sweet spots you can use to enhance the unicity of your wedding album. Here are some of our favorites:  



Whatever types of pictures you want in your wedding album, it is essential to stay organized. The Alaska Wedding Workbook has over 100 worksheets for you to use to this effect. Or consider downloading our worksheets online (only $14.95) to include in your own wedding planning binder. Note that there is a section on wedding photography, with a list of essential photographs, you won’t want to forget. Also, there is a place for you to write in those extra precious photos you will be including in your session. Most of all… don’t forget to enjoy those few moments, when the lenses are pointed at you and your soulmate.

Happy planning and happy snapping!!!