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Get Your Lattes’ Worth…

Posted on: January 18th, 2011 by admin 2 Comments

Many soon-to-be Brides realize they need to attend bridal shows and events, but they become overwhelmed once they arrive at the event.  Why?  Well, let’s take a minute and think of how these events work.  You typically spend about two lattes worth of admission to attend a bridal event.  There are all sorts of local wedding vendors with booths, ideas, freebies, discounts, and free drawings, and they’re all waiting for you.  Lots of engaged couples will be roaming around.

So how do you prepare and make good use of these scenarios?

You want your money’s worth, so grab your notepad and jot down all your wedding planning questions (and bring them with you to the event).  Then write a list of vendors that you need to answer those questions.  The beauty of bridal shows, workshops, and fairs is that all the wedding vendors you need are all sitting in an arena and waiting to chat with you.

You don’t have to call around, make appointments, or run around town trying to figure out answers to your questions. The experts have come to you. Take advantage!

Print up labels or business cards with your name, phone number and/or email, and wedding date. This saves your hand and your time. It is much easier to simply stick a label or card into all the free drawings, instead of having to write your info a 100+ times.

Next, bring cash, or at least be ready to buy. You will find killer deals at most of these events and you will save a TON of your budgeted money if you are ready to purchase at the event.

Take a deep breath before you walk in. Approach the task as a vital part of the wedding planning process and think of the time and money you are saving just by attending!

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Hello Alaska!

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Wedding Guide Alaska is very excited to launch our NEW blog and website!  We are looking forward to a very happy and successful year and would love you to tour Alaska’s #1 online wedding resource and give us your feedback.

We are very excited to be a part of your wedding planning!  Check out our partners…